How Many Water Bottles Is 2.7 Liters?

Yes, I’m aware of the typo in the title but this is how I got the original question, so I didn’t change it.

The number of water bottles you would need for 2.7 liters of liquid can vary depending on the size of the water bottles.

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Let’s do some conversions and math here.

1 liter is equal to 33.8140227 US fluid ounces, so 2.7 liter is around 91 oz.

1 liter is equal to 1000 milliliters, so 2.7 liter is 2700 milliliters.

One of the most common sizes of water bottles is 500 milliliters (0.5 liters = 16.9 fluid ounces).

So, you can calculate using the numbers above, like dividing 91 by 16.9, or 2700 by 500, or 2.7 by 0.5.

The result will be around 5.4 for each variation, meaning that

approximately 5.4 common-size water bottles would give you 2.7 liters.

If you have a different size bottle, you have to make the division with that different number.

And how many 2.7 liters of water in glasses?

Yes, that’s right: depends on the size of the glass. A regular glass usually holds 200 milliliters (0.2 liters), so we just have to use the same formula as we did above:

2.7 / 0.2 = 13.5

The 2.7 liters of water is approximately 13.5 glasses.


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