Welcome to the BottleCry.com blog! I want to raise hydration awareness and help you find the best reusable water bottle.


My name is Gina, and I’m glad you are here!

Let’s jump right into the deep end: in my 30s I had a kidney stone. I had no idea until I had my first cramps and I thought I would die. It was one of the worst pains in my life. Ever since I experienced that, I have been very passionate about drinking water, and I keep bugging everyone around me to hydrate!

I always carry a reusable water bottle, no matter where I go. My current absolute favorite is a 24 oz Standard Mouth Hydro Flask “Laguna”, personalized with a sticker, but I love my good old 24 oz On-The-Fly lock-top Nalgene bottles too.

I started BottleCry.com because I want to share all the information I have gathered and learned about hydration and water. Also, I would love to help you find the best reusable bottle that fits your needs and style.

I have been doing extensive, independent research on the web, and I share my own conclusions and opinions on the site. I do not receive compensation from any of the brands that I post about.

There are Amazon.com affiliate links on the site though. I recommend products only that I have already purchased or considered. If you choose to buy anything using my affiliate links, I receive a small commission from the sales of certain items at no additional cost to you. I genuinely appreciate your support!

I hope you will find BottleCry.com useful, and in one way or another, it will help you drink yourself healthy.


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