Does Drinking Water Make Your Period Go Away Faster?

Sometimes you want to get done with the bleeding as quickly as possible. Right, ladies? Same here. Just like you, I wanted to know “Will my period end faster if I drink water?”. I did some web research, and here’s what I found out.

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The straight-to-the-point answer is: no. Drinking water doesn’t make your period end quicker.

Although, drinking water is good. But it doesn’t directly affect the number of days of your menses. The length of your menstrual cycle and the duration of your bleeding are mainly set by hormonal fluctuations and the shedding of the uterine lining.

Does Drinking Water Make You Bleed More?

That’s a no, too. However, staying hydrated helps maintain proper blood volume. It is very important for your body’s overall function. Just like the length of your cycle, the heaviness of your flow is primarily influenced by hormones and the endometrium.

Is Water Good For Your Period?

Yes, absolutely! Here are a few things why:

  • First, staying hydrated may help reduce the severity of menstrual cramps and discomfort.
  • Second, drinking water can also help reduce water retention and bloating.
  • Furthermore, proper hydration can positively impact mood and energy levels too. Especially if you are like me and experience mood swings and fatigue, drinking enough water can contribute to your overall well-being.

So, summing it up, does drinking water make your period end faster? Nope, but staying hydrated is important for overall health, including during your whole menstrual cycle.

If you’re concerned about the length of your cycle or the heaviness of your flow, please consult a healthcare professional for proper, personalized guidance based on your individual circumstances.


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