What Is A Nalgene Water Bottle?

My current favorite is a Hydro Flask but I was an avid Nalgene fan for a long time. Whenever I talked about my water bottle, I just said “my Nalgene” but I had to realize that not everyone was familiar with it. Let me try to explain what is a Nalgene water bottle.

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What Is A Nalgene?

Nalgene was one of the first brands I was obsessed with. My top pick is a Nalgene 24 oz with OTF cap – I have several of this model in different colors and I just love it.

Nalgene is known for its reusable water bottles that are made from durable and lightweight, BPA-free Tritan plastic.

The Nalgene water bottles are rightfully famous for their long-lasting, leak-proof design, and wide mouth opening, which makes them easy to fill, clean, and drink from. They are super reliable, no matter if you need them for everyday use or hiking, or traveling around the world. A Nalgene can be a great hydration companion on any adventure, and I’m saying it from my own personal experience.

The bottles are available in different sizes to suit any preference, activity, and need:

It’s not very well represented above but they have a crazy color (and design) palette, there’s no way you can’t find one that looks awesome and fits your style.

Also, if you want something special, you can get your very own custom Nalgene too (that’s how I got my first one, as a company meetup swag): https://custom.nalgene.com/

It is very popular to put stickers on your Nalgene too, to make it stand out.

The Nalgene designs include the classic wide mouth, narrow mouth, insulated, and even collapsible models.

If you visit the Nalgene store, you can find a variety of accessories from lids to sleeves to pimp up your water bottle with.

Nalgene water bottles are generally considered to be affordable, with prices ranging from around $10 and going up depending on the size, model, features, and accessories of the bottle. All I can add is that Nalgene has always given great value for my money.

And here’s a fun fact to the end: the word “Nalgene” comes from the name of the original plastic material that the company’s founders used to make their laboratory products in 1949. This material was called “Nalge” (short for “NAtional LABoratory Grade E”). The founders added the suffix “-ene” to the word to make it sound more scientific and unique – and cool, I believe. The brand name has become synonymous with durable and high-quality plastic products, particularly water bottles.

If you ask me, the best way to learn what is a Nalgene water bottle is to get one. Let me know in the comments if you give it a try and share your experience!


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